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Six disabled people of color smile and pose in front of a concrete wall. Five people stand in the back, with the Black woman in the center holding up a chalkboard sign reading "disabled and here." A South Asian person in a wheelchair sits in front. Text on image says JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED
Is justice DENIED

(C) Image by Disabled and Here 

Disabled people are left to fend for themselves in one unfair fight after another. We are often forgotten about and denied equitable allocations of resources. Existing resources, such as legal aid, are not timely due to financial limitations. Justice in Reach is our answer to this inequitable situation by connecting Disabled Texans and their families with access to free and timely legal aid and representation. 

Our founders have suffered from an inequitable system. We exist to help others navigate the legal system in an effective and timely manner. Created by disabled Texans for disabled Texans, Justice in Reach is here in solidarity with our community. We don't want Disabled Texans to face this maze of a process alone.


Join with us today.

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